Responders are not replaceable

Updated: Aug 26

Defunding defenders is disastrous.

That truth is self-evident, and shouldn't be revelatory or provocative by any measure. 2020 has ushered in the foolhardy systemic implosion of reason and gravely upset the apple cart of reality. The domestic terrorists that are freely able to ferociously trample defenseless citizens, demoralized officers, and downtrodden small business owners are as likely to pull down a statue as they are to dismantle the fabric of civilization through the illegal occupation of cities. These pitchfork and pistol waving pilfering foot soldiers of a vaguely discernable murderous mission (and even less discernable objective) have been empowered, emboldened, and energized through the abject absence of any and all repercussions for their wanton violence. They are exhibiting the same theatrics a 4 year-old would demonstrate when insulated from all time-outs or visits from the parent-and-paddle; so while what's happening isn't surprising it is no less sickening. Again, we proclaim: Defunding defenders is disastrous -- and our responders are not replaceable.

It's as shocking as it is a sad state of affairs when America -- with such startling breakneck speed -- turn a corner seemingly overnight as a nation to not only allow, but promote and elevate the voices of those behind either a coward's mask or a politician's podium, who would gladly preside over the lynching of America's civil servants. Removing the vital, literal life-saving efforts of Police, Fire, and EMS from our streets, neighborhoods, communities, cities, and states is a poorly conceived permanent solution to a short-term falsely perceived plight; yet the untouchable criminal mob that invades and infects our country continue their march toward regression nonetheless. This plague of anti-American criminalism is so willing (with exuberant excitation) to make the woefully imbalanced exchange of the good of many for the vicious self-serving death of many more. The frightening reality of their corrupt campaign against those who selflessly safeguard the USA from shore to shore is that even if these faceless fanatics waved the banner "mission accomplished" someday, their heinously hateful rhetoric and reprobate rampaging wouldn't peacefully end. Their riotous unlawful looting would give rise to more senseless battering of citizens and the constitution alike in their wicked warpath.

As Americans we have a longstanding and outrageously necessary contract with our First Responders. From curbing violence, exercising justice, searching for and rescuing missing children, extinguishing fires and reviving victims clinging to life on their way to the emergency room -- our need for their service is dire. Defunding these protective patriots would be the deathblow to any semblance of freedom we still enjoy. Make no mistake, in the absence of a defunded and dismantled police presence there wouldn't remain a void, but rather an overflowing overthrow of the old order of common civility with the new disorder of uncommon criminality and savagery.

There is no endgame where America's vertebrae against chaos becomes an unfilled vacuum of resplendent solace once all the police (and population) have been stripped of their badges and berettas. To believe that fairytale of fiction is to make a quantum leap and unhinged departure into the unstable realm of psychosis and absurdity. Reader beware: Our established enjoyment of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness does not exist in an ironclad lockbox, but rather, in the fragility of an embattled bubble that has been keeping vile forces at bay since the founding of our great experiment - America. Our only deterrent from the total annihilation of our way of life isn't to disband and "reimagine" the police who've shielded our sovereignty for centuries, but to squash the storm of slaughter of the very real threat of tyranny being spread like a disease by an enemy showing their hand and hiding their faces.

At the National Benefits Task Force we celebrate our police, fire/rescue, and emergency medical personnel, congratulating their endurance before, during and hopefully after this anti-American assault comes to it's not-soon-enough end. We stand immovable and resolute at their side, and joyfully hoist them up on our shoulders. We mourn with the injured, disabled, and murdered officers and their families in the ongoing wake of this detestable calamity, and pray to Jesus Christ that their suffering will not be in vain but bring about a swift conclusion to such evil persecution.

Our Responders are not replaceable.


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